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If you are looking for professional teeth whitening in Lewisville, Texas, you have definitely come to the
right place. Dr. Shirley Mathew is an expert in the field of cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening is one
of her favorite treatments. We love seeing our patients leave the dental office as happy as ever with
their brand new, bright white smile.

A Little Background On Teeth Whitening

As a patient you should know of the benefits of professional teeth whitening as well as the concerns. All
home based teeth whitening products should be recommended by your dentist and before ever
considering using a home whitening methods, you should always consult with your dentist first. The
reason? The A.D.A. (American Dental Association) released a study indicating the possible side effects
that could occur from teeth whitening if the darkening of your teeth is caused by an oral condition and
not by typical reasons like tobacco, wine, coffee, food etc. If you have an oral condition causing your
teeth to darken, a teeth whitening product could actually do more damage to your teeth than good.

The solution is simple. Contact Creekview Family Dentistry and request a consultation. If you've been
looking for a Lewisville dentist, call Dr. Shirley Mathew today at (972) 459-1100 and request your
appointment. We look forward to meeting you.
"Dr. Mathew and her staff were great and treated my family with the best care. I will refer her to my family and friends.Donna Dunham