Patient Services

Bring your children to Creekview Family Dentistry in Lewisville, Texas. Dr. Shirley Mathew will help your child begin a lifetime of proper oral health.

Teaching Children Proper Oral Hygiene

Dr. Shirley Mathew takes great care when helping to correct dental problems in children. She also takes pride in teaching her young patients proper oral care.

Our young patient's program is customized to specific their dental issues. Dr. Shirley Mathew and her team considers a child's age as well as the changing structure of their teeth and jaw. Out team works work with children in a fun and completely engaging manner.

Creekview Family Dentistry sets goals for our patients in order to:

  •     Build self-confidence and higher self-esteem
  •     Prepare children for dental treatments
  •     Reduce dental-related phobias
  •     Reduce the risk of  cavities and gum disease
  •     Compel parents to get more involved in their child's oral health
  •     Create a positive outlook related to the dentist that lasts a lifetime

When children leave our dental office, they leave with the feeling of wanting to brush and floss their teeth.

Early Dental Treatment Helps:

  •     Cross bite correction
  •     Increase or enhance speech development
  •     Prevent tooth grinding
  •     Prevent tooth interference
  •     Prevent lower or upper jaw displacement
  •     Avoid loss of new protruding teeth
  •     Eliminating habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and various lip habits
  •     Diagnose and correct breathing problems
  •     Coordinate treatment decisions with the family dentist
  •     Correct early teeth and jaw miss-alignment

s Dental Sealants

Children dental sealants preserve your child's smile and are an excellent means of preventing tooth decay.

If you are finding that your child is having problems with certain areas of their mouth or that their teeth aren't able to withstand certain levels of tooth decay, dental sealants are a sure answer.


"She and her staff put me totally at ease before they began working on my dental issues; and they made it painless for me.Aaron Thomas