Are You Ready For Stress-Free Dentistry? [QUIZ]

If going to the dentist is something you avoid at all costs because you’re too nervous or afraid, you’ve come to the right place! That’s because our team at Creekview Family Dentistry have ways to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed during treatment. Our sedation dentistry and comfort options can help you build confidence about ...

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Ki Talks About His Dental Bridge Experience [VIDEO]

Ki is a person who values high-quality dental care from an honest, caring professional. And that’s exactly why he continues to turn to Dr. Mathew and our team at Creekview Family Dentistry! Hear from Ki in today’s video message as he elaborates on his dental bridge experience in our Lewisville, TX office. You’ll hear several more ...

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Bring Your Family to Creekview

At Creekview Family Dentistry, we happily treat patients of all ages, including children. This means no running around town to separate pediatric and adult practices. (As if you don’t have enough running around between school, sports, lessons, and other activities!) We are skilled and completely comfortable with grown-ups and kids, making us a ...

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Restore Your Smile with Dentures [video]

Today’s dentures are functional, comfortable to wear, and look just like your real teeth (but better, of course). Our stunningly lifelike dentures will boost your self-esteem and enable you to chew better and speak more clearly. “We go out of our way to makes sure the smile is what the patient wants.” To book a consultation and learn ...

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Comfortable And Stress-Free Dental Care [video]

After getting a crown and a filling from Creekview Family Dentistry, Monica says she would definitely recommend our office to others looking for comfortable and stress-free dental care. She says our dental professionals are courteous, prompt, and provide excellent service! “Coming to the dentist, you have this fear that it’s going to ...

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Alternatives To Traditional Metal Braces [infographic]

Do you want a straighter smile but hate the idea of having a mouthful of metal, potentially for years? At Creekview Family Dentistry, we’re proud to offer our patients alternatives to traditional metal braces! We’re able to help our patients achieve the smile of their dreams faster and more discreetly than with traditional metal braces, ...

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Fluoride is Good for You! [video]

The scientific evidence is clear: fluoride is not only good for you, but it’s essential to keeping tooth enamel strong and able to resist the acid attacks of harmful bacteria. Most municipal water supplies are fortified with the mineral, which has proven to be enormously benefit to public health. Watch this video from the American Dental ...

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The Gift of Good Dental Health

Your kids may already have their holiday gift list ready to go. But this season, try thinking beyond the Legos, Xboxes, and American Girl dolls. There is a gift you can give your children that will save them hours of pain and discomfort, potentially thousands of dollars, and that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. We are talking ...

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Six Ways to Straighten Your Smile [infographic]

Thanks to advances in orthodontics, you no longer have to put up with a mouthful of metal in order get a straight smile. No wonder record numbers of adults are opting to fix their crooked and misaligned teeth! At Creekview Family Dentistry, we offer six types of orthodontic solutions — from clear aligners to traditional braces to lingual ...

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“If They’re in Pain, We Want to See Them” [video]

When you have a dental emergency, you need and want to be seen right away. At Creekview Family Dentistry, we understand that emergencies can’t wait. That’s why we make every effort to fit you in right away — that very day, if at all possible. In this video, Dr. Elizabeth Samuel discusses Dental Emergencies at Creekview Family Dentistry. ...

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