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If you want to turn back the clock and get a whole new set of pearly whites, contact Creekview Family Dentistry to learn about our full-mouth reconstruction options! At our Lewisville, TX office, Shirley E. Mathew, DDS, FAGD, Elizabeth T. Samuel, DMD, Mayada Al-Tamimi, DMD, and our highly skilled team can use a variety of restorative dentistry options to repair or even replace all your teeth!

Full-Mouth Reconstruction Options: Dentures, Dental Implants, & More

One full-mouth reconstruction option we provide is traditional dentures. Your replacement teeth will improve your ability to chew, speak, and smile. And because they will be custom-made for you, your new teeth will look completely natural!

If you are a good candidate, we can also attach implant-supported dentures to dental implants! On top of the secure hold and other benefits, the strong foundation of your dental implants will also improve your bite power!

We also provide several options to repair damaged teeth, including dental crowns, bridges, root canals, and more!

The Importance Of Replacing Missing Teeth

On top of the gap left in your smile, the gap left by missing tooth roots can lead to bone and tissue loss, ultimately affecting your look. But missing teeth threaten much more than your appearance.

Because missing teeth can prevent you from properly chewing and digesting your food, they can affect your overall health. Your remaining teeth can also shift out of alignment, making the problem even worse.

But with a full-mouth reconstruction, you’ll regain your oral function and your appearance!

Comfort Options, Dental Sedation

To help entertain and distract you while we work, you can sit back and enjoy your favorite TV show or listen to music through headphones.

We can also help relieve your dental anxiety with dental sedation options.

Dr. Mathew cares about long-term dental health and demonstrates that concern through membership in different professional organizations like American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, Texas Dental Association and Dallas County Dental Society.

Get your strong bite back and call our Lewisville, TX dentist at 972-505-3423 to learn about your full-mouth reconstruction options. You can also use our online form.

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Video: Dr. Elizabeth Samuel Talks About Full Mouth Reconstruction at Creekview Family Dentistry

For patients who wants to get the full function of their teeth can get the benefits from a full mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation. If you want to turn back the clock and get a whole new set of pearly whites, contact Creekview Family Dentistry to learn about our full-mouth reconstruction options, visit Call our Lewisville, TX dentist office today at 972-505-3423 to make an appointment! ---- Creekview Family Dentistry 860 Hebron Parkway, Suite 902 Lewisville TX 75057 972-505-3423 Facebook - Twitter -