Oral Surgery

Sometimes a tooth just has to go for the sake of your overall smile, but Creekview Family Dentistry knows how to make any oral surgery procedure as comfortable and beneficial as possible. At our Lewisville, TX office, Dr. Mathew and our devoted staff will make you happy you came in from your first consultation on. Call 972-505-3423 to make an appointment today.

Why Oral Surgery May Be Best Solution

Tooth Removal/Extractions – If a tooth is unfixable due to damage or decay, it can cause severe pain and swelling. After careful consideration by our experts, the best choice may be to let us easily and painlessly remove it. We can then create customized bridges or apply dental implants depending on your needs. We can also provide a clear or tissue-colored partial denture so you can enjoy a normal smile again.

Caring For Kiddos – For younger patients, we may need to remove baby teeth that aren’t properly being pushed away by incoming permanent teeth. But we know how to make little ones relaxed and comfy so there’s nothing for them to fear.

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to all sorts of bad results, such as tooth decay and gum disease. The good news is, removing them is often a simple procedure, gently performed by one of our highly skilled dentists. We’ll also go through the healing process with you to make sure your smile stays healthy once you’re home.

Your Comfort Is A Top Priority

We completely understand why any patient may be reluctant to commit to oral surgery. However, you can trust Creekview Family Dentistry to provide a completely stress-free experience. We offer sedation options and have TVs and headphones in each room so you can zone out while we work our magic on your smile.

Dr. Mathew cares about long-term dental health and demonstrates that concern through membership in different professional organizations like American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, Texas Dental Association and Dallas County Dental Society.

Our soothing and considerate staff will be with you every step of the way to make sure you’re totally at ease and have everything you need. Call our Lewisville, TX office today at 972-505-3423 or fill out our easy online form today for more info.

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Video: Dr. Shirley Mathew Talks About Oral Surgery and the Specialists at Creekview Family Dentistry

At Creekview Family Dentistry, we have great doctors to help us with oral surgery and tooth extractions. Watch Dr. Shirley Mathew as she talks about oral surgery and who specialize surgery at Creekview Family Dentistry. To learn more about the oral surgery and what our dentists do, visit Our soothing and considerate staff will be with you every step of the way to make sure you’re totally at ease and have everything you need Call our Lewisville, TX dentist office today at 972-505-3423 to make an appointment! ---- Creekview Family Dentistry 860 Hebron Parkway, Suite 902 Lewisville TX 75057 972-505-3423 Facebook - Twitter - Google + -